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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

O, Happy Day!

Last Tuesday was a long anticipated day of celebration and
new beginnings. My brother Aaron married Christine for this life and for forever. It was a reverent and memorable sealing in the Salt Lake Temple, performed by Elder Yoshihiko Kikuchi. He spoke of the thousands effected by their sealing, the sacred altar, and the glorious morning of our Savior's resurection. He encouraged the everyday practice of kind communication, prayer and scripture study together. We felt the Spirit of the Lord as these two took on the sacred promises that begin a new family.

I know Aaron was a little nervous on Tuesday morning but you sure couldn't tell when the spotlight was on him and Christine. They were warm and gracious and patient with all the family and guests and photographers.

Here we are in front of the northwest doors of the temple. Aaron and Christine are surrounded by his parents and all his siblings, most of their spouses, a cousin, an uncle and some nieces. After pictures, we went to the Olive Garden for lunch (thanks Aaron!) and then headed back to Provo for a reception at B's quaint old ward building.

"Girls in white dresses with red satin sashes."
Christine had about 5 bridesmaids in red skirts and white blouses. These are most of her new nieces. The little girls just loved their special wedding dresses with red ribons and bows. They twirled and posed all night long. Jessie especially loved it when Christine gave her the bouquet to hold and the photographer thought she looked so cute that he snapped a few pictures of her.

Christine's brother, Keith, sang and played the guitar. He performed a song that their father sang to their mother on their wedding day, I think it is called "There Is Love." Please correct me in the comments if I am wrong. Anyway, his beautiful tenor voice was a treat to listen to.

Aaron and Christine honeymooned at Thanksgiving Point and then drove to Loveland for another reception on Friday. Now they are again on the road, traveling across the country to start their life together, away from family and friends in New York. I am so excited for and proud of these two. They each know how to triumph over difficulties and set their standards high and acheive something good. I feel so privileged to have Aaron and Christine in our family!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

New Babies

Last Friday we got two new gerbils. Their names are Silver and Sand. Silver is light gray, with a dark grey tail. Sand is a yellow-brown color.

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Saturday, June 03, 2006


School is finally out for the summer! I havn't been this excited since I was actually attending school myself. I am just looking forward to our lives slowing down for a little while.
It's kind of like the feeling you have on a big vacation with lots of places to go and when you are trying to squeeze as much fun and meaningful recreation into a week or a three day weekend. Don't you kind of feel relieved to go home to boring everyday chores?
This last year I was trying to squeeze in a lot of good out of the time the kids were in school. Then, in the afternoons and evenings, when the kids are out of school, they were involved in sports and projects and classes and volunteering, plus homework that often needed some kind of parental support. Well, that's just what life is like at this stage of life and so much of my everyday life is good, but I am ready for the pace to slow down a bit.

I am so relieved that even our beginning-of-the-season heatwave does not have me wilted. Poison Dot has had cub scout day camp for the last three scorching days and nights. Yesterday, I went to camp with him. Amphibians can survive 112 degree conditions if they are wet on the inside and on the outside. I also suggest praying for a good attitude. And a very good spray bottle. From 2:15 -9:45 pm we hopped under the mesquite and palo verde through puddles and waterballoons and sprinklers and hoses to activities that cub scouts love: archery, BB guns, swimming, crafts, games, knightly quests, and, of course, the snack bar.

Poison Dot takes aim.

Squire Mark and Squire Dot.