The End, Froggie!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

The End, Animals!

The final bow pictures would not fit into the previous post but they were too cute to leave out.

From left to right:
Mrs. Giraffe, the unicorn, Mr. Mouse, the poodle, and the zebra.

There Are Animals In the Backyard!

About two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to babbysit some of my nieces and nephews. To keep them busy, I helped them make costumes and then sent them outside to come up with a play. Here's what they came up with!

As the action begins, we see the animals in the forrest, namely B. J. as Mrs. Giraffe in the center of the tree, with J.C. as a unicorn on the left and A.J. as a poodle on the right. Everything is good and right in the forrest as the animals jump down from the tree and begin to jump and dance in the grass. Suddenly, lightening strikes, and the
forrest begins to burn! Mr. Mouse (I.J.), runs to get the hose to put out the fire as the other animals go crazy.
The fire is quenched, but, alas, Mrs. Giraffe has been overcome and cannot be revived! The animals call for Mr. Mouse......
and he quickly kisses her forehead and she is saved! The animals celebrate, eat lunch and then....

fall asleep.
(C. C. sleeps on all fours because she is a zebra)

(We have a guest appearance by the neighbor boy) When they awake, poor Mrs. Giraffe is sick and so......

They call the doctor. She gives Mrs. Giraffe medicine and she feels much better!
Then, just when you think all is well....

Evil Monkeys attack! The unicorn has a furious fight as she stabs and slashes at the Evil Monkeys. The unicorn prevails and the animals are happy and safe in the forrest.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

"Princess" Momma

This is my sister. She is one of the happiest very pregnant mothers I have ever known. It's Arizona, it's hot, her two little kids are running every which way, and the air conditioning in her new house could use some work. She is pleasant and positive through it all!

Here's the sweet story I want to share about her. Her daughter, Princess A, had been talking and asking and reminding for a week about making cinnamon rolls. Mom was busy getting the family ready for their trip to Utah. Once in Utah, my sister started searching for a recipe that she and Princess A could make together. She picked an old recipe that My YW leader had taught me more than 2 decades ago, so of course, she asked for my help. We collected all the ingredients and my sister invited Princess A to come and make cinnamon rolls. Unfortunately, we were competing with a trampoline full of Princess A's cousins, and her majesty confessed that she was much more excited about eating cinnamon rolls than making them with her momma.
It was the end of a long day for my very pregnant sister but she figured she would go ahead with the planned baking. We worked together and I made sure she had all the sitting jobs. We adapted the recipe and weathered through some doubts about the yeast.......
and produced two absolutely delicious pans of cinnamon rolls for the hords of Henrichsens to gobble.

Princess A was happy to eat and wave her scepter of gratitude. She has a gracious, good momma whom I really admire!