The End, Froggie!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Another New Calling in the Family

Today I got called to be ward chorister. I start leading the hymns next Sunday.

Also today my gerbil, Silver, died. She had heart problems. Sand seems fine, which is good. Sometimes when one gerbil dies the other becomes depressed. Out of all the gerbils I've had, only one acted diferently after her friend (and sister) died. She would jump up to the roof of the cage, hang on with her fore paws, and try to chew her way out of the cage. She was so determined to get out that her one of her claws was torn from her finger, and that didn't stop her. It grew back, but it was a little deformed. Luckily she got past this phase in a day. I have heard that some gerbils can become so depressed, that they'll starve themself to death.

I've updated my website a lot since I last posted, so come and visit if you haven't checked it recently.

Posted by Kaeru Hime