The End, Froggie!

Friday, May 26, 2006

Weekend Fun

It was the annual Fathers and Sons camping trip last Friday so Kaeru Hime (Frog Princess in Japanese) and I had some fun together. We caught a movie (MI3), enjoyed some fried squid and eel and salmon sushi (something we could never do with the boys around,) and spent the rest of the evening with our take-out desserts and Sci-Fi DVD's (Senenity and Dr. Who.)

I am thrilled to say that K.H. has seen past the crude Dr. Who special effects to appreciate the story and suspense of these 28 year-old adventures. I received the "Key of Time" set of episodes for Mother's day and ripped off the celophane last Friday. She's gobbled up the whole set in 3 days while I am waiting to savor them on Saturday afternoons just like in the old days. Remember when we had to rake leaves and do other yardwork with Daddy on Saturday afternoons? My goal was to get my part done by 3:00 so I wouldn't miss a moment of Dr. Who.
I don't know what the new episodes are like but these classic Tom Baker yarns are still so fun to watch.

Here's some pictures of what the boys did with their time together.

Eating food in wrappers, using a hatchet and a cool camp shovel are three of the things that make camping so cool for Dott. Big B and his friend, A-man (in black) are mostly looking forward to paintball fun in the afternoon.

Dott gets some paintball pointers from the Bishop.

They say this was the Bishop's idea. "Hey, you guys line up and I'll run around so you can shoot me!"

Big B is in dark blue halfway down the line.

Big B aims at the Bishop, the tiny black form beyond the fallen logs.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Hello, world of blogging!

Hello, world of blogging! The Froggie family has decided to hop from our bog and into a blog. It's the dry season and we're just looking for something cool.
This is the beginning end of Froggie. "The End, Froggie," is a family tradition that started in FHE about 4 years ago. Poison Dot was in kindergarten and each week he brought home a little booklet that he had made of the color song of the week. It was a way to teach the youngsters how to spell color words with the help of lyrics and familiar tunes.
For example, the song about brown was sung to the tune of "Bingo," and went like this:

There is a color we all know.
Can you guess what it is?
B-r-o-w-n, b-r-o-w-n, b-r-o-w-n,
That's how you spell brown.

Teddy bears and squirrels are brown.
Autumn leaves are too.
Chocolate candy's always brown.
Chocolate cake is always brown.
Chocolate milk is always brown.
I like brown don't you.

The last page of each booklet had a small cartoon frog under the words,"The End." Whenever we got to the last page at the end of the song we would all shout out, "The End, Froggie!" With such a fun way to punctuate, it was adopted to end other activities. At one point it was the signal to race to bed (clever way to get kids excited to go to bed, eh?)

Anyway, "The End, Froggie" is part of who we are as a family and we would like to share a little bit of this with you.