The End, Froggie!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Happy Birthday, I-Guy

Guess how old?!!
Cake, sports, what more could I-Guy want?
We played water balloon toss, tailored for young'uns because the balloons turned out to be break-resistant.


Here he is, just 5 days old, celebrating his big brother's birthday.

The little guy takes a snooze on Daddy's lap. Kaeru Hime holds the little Prince.

All it takes is a frog with a pacifier to soothe his fussin'.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Baby, New Elder

Life has sort of hit hard since I came home from Utah and I haven't felt like I had much to say so this blog has been very quiet. This week some great things have happened that I want to share.

First of all, this morning at 2:12am my princess sister gave birth to 7 pound, 20 inch Abraham.
The birth had it's ups and downs but she is resting well in the hospital and Abraham is fine but under observation for a few days in case he develops an infection. My mom and 9.9 are staying with the princess family for the week and then I get to take over(Look out! Here comes bossy!)

My mom brought with her a some folders of A. V. and Bertha pictures and documents and letters. They are incredible to go though and scan. I feel so much closer to Grandma and in parts of her letters, she has left some indication of how she thought of me. Anyway, I want to link a lot of this memorabilia to the PAF file I am perfecting and then send it out to as many people as want it. Then I will submit it (the pedigree part, not the memorabilia) to the LDS Pedigree Resource File so it will be preserved and made accessable around the world.

I usually go to the temple on Thursday mornings but this week Stake Temple day was Wednesday, so I enjoyed a mid-morning session and then lingered in the celestial room, hoping to leave with someone I used to teach when she was a Mia Maid. She was with her mom and they were taking a while and I had a good feeling that I should go ahead and be on my way. I figured I might catch up with her in the dressing room. She didn't show up but as I left the temple, I found out the reason for that good feeling. There were four Elders waiting outside the revolving door of the Mesa temple and one of them rushed down the steps to greet one of my fellow ward members. He is a diminuative elder who had served in our ward a few months back and he had recognized first Brother Locasio and then me. He mentioned that he was now serving in Buckeye. I got excited and asked him if he knew an Elder H who just came from the MTC. He seemed a bit vague as I asked him to pass on a hello from Elder H's Chandler cousin. One of the Elders that was still waiting by the revolving door said that Elder H was probably approaching now down the sidewalk with a group of about 16 missionaries. I trotted down to sidewalk yelling "Elder H, Elder H! It's my cousin Elder H." We shook hands several times as we proceeded up the sidewalk to the front of the temple. The late morning sun was hot (about 98F) and muggy and he glowed pink in his dark suit. I asked him if he was getting around on a bicycle and he said no, they were enjoying a car. I met his companion, Elder Stapley, who has brown hair and brown eyes and is slightly bigger than Javich. I told him I would have to blog our encounter and I asked him if he had any messages. He just said to wish our parents a Happy Aniversary! The other missionaries in his group were entering to temple so I didn't want to keep him. I was sooo exciting to see him! I had to call Princess right away and share the excitement.

That's the news from the swamp. Until next time, Good Ribit to All!